Our exhibition space is currently being built. It is down a little cobbled road in Banbury Town Centre called Church Lane. It’s a really big, light open space which is perfect for our gallery of art. My space is the first space on the right as you walk in and is opposite the butchers which is quite apt considering I will have cow tongues on meat hooks hanging out of the wall. So far I have taped and given my walls one coat of paint so it still has a way to go. I have also helped tape and paint the rest of the exhibition space and will help with the final clean up before the Private view evening too.


The work that I am displaying this year is a collection of various ceramic tongues. My project has been about the value of materials which lead to how society values certain materials i.e why we would choose to eat with a pure silver spoon than a dirty wooden one and what classes these materials belong to to dirt and contamination. The tongues I have made symbolise disgust and contamination and objects being out of place. I visited a few ceramic shops and exhibitions to get some ideas on how to display my collection. I quickly realised that ceramics have quite a formal way of being displayed and tended to be displayed in a white area, on a white plinth or on a glass shelf. I was looking for something a little less clean and organised. These are some of the photo’s I took at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre and at Contemporary Applied Arts. I also visited the Tate but they had no ceramics of interest on display:

So it’s that time of year again where we have to start preparing for our end of year show. We need to raise enough money to make our exhibition possible. I have taken on the role of ‘The Money Man’ as well as obtaining prizes for a raffle, cake selling and helping with fundraising. I will be in charge of looking after the money and recording our incomings and outgoings. I dedicated a whole day this week to phoning and emailing companies all over Banbury to see if they would like to sponsor us or donate a prize for our raffle. So far I have kindly got replies from Compton Verney offering a family ticket to their venue, a gift £50 voucher from WHSmith and a £50 gift voucher from Tesco’s. We have also set up a crowd funding page with a £500 target to help with our setting up costs and to enable us to run workshops for the public.

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To raise more money for our exhibition I organised for us to run a cake sale and raffle at the Banbury Old Town Party. It was a lovely sunny day and there was a really good community vibe. We sold lots of cakes homemade by our own students and saw people become addicted to our raffle and came back to have another two or three goes. I managed to get some really good donations and we ended up having a table full of prizes.


There are so many different ways to make a book. Today Stephen Fowler a Bookmaking and Rubber Stamping Artist visited our college and gave us a lesson in ‘How to make your own book’. He also bought in some fantastic samples. I didn’t realise there were so many different ways to bind and fold a book. We learnt several different examples which I will put to good use throughout my degree.

Here is an examples of one technique that I learnt today:

Here are some more professional looking books that Stephen brought in to show us, my favourite one is the first one by Dennis Wheatley, there’s just something about the weight and the size thats nice. I like that its bound with old red ribbon too. The cover has an envelope paper feel to it and it looks as though it contains an important document. Inside is a murder mystery and on some of the pages there are little sachets of evidence, brilliant!